Tress Couture

Tress Couture is 100% premium quality human hair fashion from Hotheads Hair Extensions. These hand-tied, lightweight and breathable fine mono-mesh bases offer a seamless scalp-like appearance. The reinforced .” Poly-coated perimeter provides structure and durability, offering the wearer a secure and comfortable fit. It’s no surprise that the same ingenious design concepts from award winning Hotheads Hair Extensions were applied to produce this extraordinary line.

Tress Couture Clip-on hair accessories are completely customizable and arrive slightly shaped. This offers stylists the creative freedom to fashion the perfect option for their guest each time.

11 Clip-on hairstyles are available in 15 colors and shades including bangs, top of the head pieces, parting accessories, full coverage pieces, volume enhancers, extensions and color effects. This broad selection will allow you limitless possibilities, offering you the tools to give your guest their dream hair.

Achieve impossible length and volume for extravagant bridal looks or up do’s. Provide color services instantly without the permanent effects of chemical color or long sessions at the salon. Separate yourself from your competition and provide your guest solutions for their hair needs that aren’t typically offered elsewhere.

Tress Couture is ideal for creating trendy hairstyles, without the commitment. The ease of applying Tress Couture makes it a perfect accessory for fashionable women on the go. Women can change their look in the time it takes them to curl their lashes.

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